Funny girl

For some reason some of Sadie’s best pics are when she’s in her high chair! She’s only getting to be more fun! Her hair goes in pig tails now, she LOVES her shoes, doggies, snacks, has an obsession with having a drink with her at all times, has a fake laugh when Becks laughs at something, copies everything else he does too, does a cute little dance (with the matching scream) when she hears Beckham waking up (she’s not the sleeper Becks is, but still gets 13 hours at night and 3 at nap time), has reverse stranger anxiety (doesn’t want to come to Brian or I when she’s being held by someone else, especially a youth), lights up when Brian gets home and is the first one to greet him at the door, comes to me when she’s stinky and then lays down right there for me to change her! She’s our spark plug still and isn’t the people pleaser her brother is…she’s very independent, but still loves to be held…unless there’s something more fun to be playing with! She’s just too sweet!!





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  1. Woody Woodward

    What a precious angel! And just think our covenant body another little “Hough” on the way. You and Laura will name him “Woody” right?

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