Questions: by Beckham

Beckham was asked questions by his teachers for his end-of-the-year book he made at school. Here are his answers:


Explanation for Q1: A few weeks ago Brian and I were discussing expectations placed on children and their career choices and that some choices are deemed “better” than others by parents, and we agreed we don’t care about their careers, only about their hearts seeking Christ in whatever it is they do. This is when Brian turned to Becks and told him he could be a trashman if he wanted. Apparently that stuck with him!

And I love that he says “try” to play with Sadie! She’s still a little young to get his “rules!”




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3 responses to “Questions: by Beckham

  1. Woody Woodward

    Thinking back on “funny kids comments”, those thought bring huge smiles to this aged kid. When daughter Kimberly, now 39, was just a tike about Becks age, I worked with my hands as a cabinetmaker. I toiled the days beside my workbench, loving each project with gentle and metiulous care. Behind my workbench, along with my wide array of hand tools, hung the kids pictures as well as all their latest artwork. One day Kimberly was overheard asking one of her friends, if her daddy put the pictures she made behind his work bench too? Kimberly thought it sad that other kid’s dad didn’t have a workbench! Laura and Brian, those two (& baby in hatch) precious angels will grow up so fast, please lavish each cherished moment. I was fortunate to have kept a bunch of the kids homemade Christmas ornaments. Years back they were hidden deep within the tree branches… but not now! Each Christmas, Cheri and I put up a very special “grandkids tree”, and now those hidden, aging, now treasured, priceless gems, are proudly displayed, hanging side by side with grandkids new and precious memories that will be. Thanks for sharing Becks questions.

  2. The funniest one by far-

    “My Dad works at his office”

    HA HA HA….

  3. Anonymous

    What is a hoarse?

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