Happy Birthday week to Brian!

We concluded his week at the Ardiles for a Peruvian dinner. It was yummers! They served Brian from a serving platter instead of a plate (he really likes Peruvian food and I think they got tired of passing him seconds…and thirds). They succeeded in filling him up before he finished it all. Tomi was so proud! We are truly sad they are leaving…

Here’s Brian pre-dinner

May 2009 - 07

And post-dinner. Tyler did a little better on portion control it looks like!

May 2009 - 13

And cake time! Their boys crack us up!

May 2009 - 22

May 2009 - 23

This pic looks like Tomi’s wearing a jean skirt.

May 2009 - 10

This is Beckham’s best friend Anya.

May 2009 - 16

Check out Beckham’s anklets!

May 2009 - 15

Sadie Piper loves it at Anya’s cause of all the girly toys! She can play in her room for hours!

May 2009 - 11

May 2009 - 04


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One response to “Happy Birthday week to Brian!

  1. Woody Woodward

    But did Tomi serve any Peruvian wine? The Argentineans are famous for their outstanding Malbecs, but don’t have a clue about the wines from Peru?

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