Katy Trail Ride


Beginning Sunday afternoon Tony Felich, Tomi Ardiles, Bob Albright and myself are riding the Katy Trail to St. Charles. A total of about 180 miles over 2 full days and 2 half days. Here is the plan.


Sunday: Leave after worshiping our great God from church, have The Intern drive us to Green Ridge, MO. Ride 35.9 miles and then stay at the Pilot Grove B&B.

Monday we get up and ride 25 miles to Rocheport for lunch at Les Bourgeois Winery and Bistro, then another 25 miles to Hartsburg where we will stay with the Wamsley’s for the night.


Tuesday we statt in Tebbets, Missouri, drive 64.8 miles and finally rest in Augusta, Missouri at the H.S. Clay House B&B. Here upon arrival we will receive Home-baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped biscotti, sun-tea and lemonade or hot tea, cocoa and cider. Followed by appetizers with a variety of cheeses, pate’, peppered smoked salmon, humus, bison and summer sausages, and of course, their “Welcome Punch” (not sure what that is? should we drink it?)

In the morning they will make us Freshly ground coffees, teas, hot chocolates, choice of juices with fruit course and beignets or muffins. The main course may include: Traditional eggs benedict, country style benedict, shirred eggs, custard french toast, quiches, country style potatoes, maple glazed peppered bacon and sage sausage.

Then we’ll ride 10 miles before meeting up with Tomi’s kids who will ride the final 16 miles with us. At the end Tony is heading to Cincinnati to move some friends back to town and Bob and I are debating whether to stay in town a night with Jay Bennett and return on a train the next day or to return with Tomi and his family that night.

I’m very excited about this trip for many reasons, Getting out in God’s creation, fellowship with three great Brothers in Christ, and a hot tub on Tuesday night in Augusta.



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2 responses to “Katy Trail Ride

  1. Woody Woodward

    Wow, what an exciting journey of joy! Not only will you all be spreading the love of Jesusn with many witnessing opportunities everywhere your feet shall trod, but to be God’s helper, His hands and feet along the way! So cool about Tony helping the Prin’s move back to KC. What a saint! What a server!
    Stay safe and take plenty of pics!

  2. Woody Woodward

    Brian and team, the Les Bourgeois vineyard/restaurant is magnificent and they bottle some pretty fair vino. If you haven’t been there, you are in for a real treat! The view is as beautiful as their surroundings. You will be on top of the cliffs, about 100 feet, overlooking the Mighty Missouri River. After that bike ride, I bet ya the vino will go down real smooth! When you see my Cheri, ask her about the day we spent at Les Bourgeois and her lost red shoe?

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