Laura and Sadie Piper visit Texas

This weekend SP and I went to see my friend Lara, her husband Jared and their very cute baby Landry. We had a great time and by the end of the trip, the girls were fighting like sisters…which I think was a good sign they had fun too!


Some highlights of the trip:

The girls both crying cause they were afraid of the pool. But how cute are they in their swim suits?!


Matching jammies!


Becks and Brian had Boy Time. Lots of firsts for Beckham—ice cream float (one of the first things I heard about when he picked us up)


First 3D movie…they saw UP.

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00118.jpg




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One response to “Laura and Sadie Piper visit Texas

  1. Woody Woodward

    I was wondering how Laura was dealing with the Becks and Sadie Piper? Good times for all! The pic of the two precious girls in their PJ’s is priceless!

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