Fatboy Katy Trail Ride


Below is a picture story of the Fatboy Katy Trail Ride. Tony “Facebook” Felich, Bob “Leme Fix This” Albright, Tomi “The Thief” Ardiles and my self, Brian “All Around Nice Guy” Hough. To read the rest of the story follow the link.


The Katy Trail is a Missouri State Park that runs 235 miles long from Clinton to St. Charles. Originally part of the Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railway, the initials have become the source of the current name, MKT and then shorter to KT and oddly longer again to Katy. The plan to ride was my idea back in december when I did not yet own a bike, now I own two, Laura one, a buggy and a Trek tricycle for Becks. The original plan called for us to take 5 days, go all 225 miles and camp along the way. Final plan was 3 days, 150 miles and staying in B&Bs and with friends along the way. Each of us have a story to tell, but they are all lies accept this one.

Day One: An Uphill Battle – 40 Miles

The comedy of errors began early as Tomi and Bob thought we were leaving at 2 p.m. after church and Tony and I knew it was agreed upon being as soon as possible after church. Before we even left Tomi had taught me a bit about the Peruvian culture he is so fond of. When I was looking the other way he stole an RPC United sticker off my helmet. He claims it belongs to him since we plays for the team this session and I do not. It was however purchased by Tony and designed by myself leaving me wondering if he has not somehow violated intellectual property rights. Lenin our team lawyer is looking into that now. Anyway, we leave with The Intern driving us out to drop us off when the discussion between Tomi “I know a guy” Ardiles and Rick “opedia” Creecy begins on whether or not a roadrunner could can kill a rattlesnake. If you are wondering the answer, it is, who cares. Regardless it gives Tony, Bob and I a good laugh in the back seat. We arrive in Green Ridge, MO which does not seem to be known for anything and mount our bikes, spandex and all. Turns out the trail is much harder to ride than asphalt, but still a blast.

This is the RPC United Logo sticker Tomi stole from my helmet. Every Peruvian I’ve ever known steals my stickers, it may be an epidemic.


Tony still in Green Ridge while we were waiting for Bob and Tomi to begin.
Tomi and Bob catching up on day one.


As it turns out we could not say anything about anything on the trip unless we were a certified expert in the field (or knew a guy from Peru) so I cannot say for sure that this is a dandelion, but being from Texas does make me a certified expert on big so I will say that this thing was big.
Here is what Tony saw for the 10 minutes I was ahead of him on the ride.
Tony waiting in Clifton City


Bob getting pumped up.
Me and my trusty stead, 2009 Felt Q720 (Weasel) in Clifton
This is a snapping turtle we found, appeared to be laying eggs behind it, but again I am not a certified expert in such things. We tried to get it to bite a stick, but that didn’t work so well.
That night we stayed with Deloris and Virgil in Pilot Grove at the Pilot Grove B&B. Not a traditional B&B, but perfect for people riding the Katy Trail. Soft Bed, Good AC, Hearty Breakfast she made us dinner as well, all at a great price. They own a genuine B&B in town they are not selling as a residence so we stayed in their actual home. We learned about Virgil’s farm, their children and various other cyclist who’ve stayed with them. One couple on a bicycle built for two was riding from Colorado to Maine. Tony and Bob had their own rooms and bed, but Tomi and I had to share. Tomi built a wall of about 6 pillows between us. Knowing how weak Peru’s military is I moved the border Ecuador style during the night gaining a much larger sleeping space.
Eating Breakfast

Day Two: A Day of Sights – 50 miles

Monday began with Bob’s tires going flat and here he quickly changes them from tubeless to tubed tires.
Kindly waiting


Mocking while waiting
We took this time to take photos of our bikes.
My Felt Q720
Tony’s Gary Fisher Nirvana from some 8 or 9 years ago. Notice the 29 inch tires, much faster.
Bob’s Kona Explosif
Tomi’s Kona Fire Mountain with Crackberry case
Still waiting we found this old sign for the B&B we stayed at.
Finally we are on the road and headed uphill until we get to Boonville.
Here is I-70 from the Katy Trail.
Bob and Tomi on bridge over I-70
The Old Boonville Train Depot


Tomi at the Bike Depot learning about Boone’s Lick
Hanging on the Caboose.
The side of an old building in Boonville. While here we went to Chuck’s Bike Shop. The man inside tried to sell Tomi a very very used Bell gel bike seat cover as new, did I mention it was very very used? Tomi bought it and while not new i later wished it was on my seat.
From the Boonville Bridge. The bridge in the distance raises and lowers for barges and traffic, but is no longer in service. The owners want to tear it down and move it, the town wants them to convert it for bikers to cross. I’d like them to leave it like it is so I can take cool photos of it.
Eventually we get to Rocheport, MO for lunch. This tunnel is one of the neatest things on the whole trip. If you are ever driving past Rocheport it is worth the stop to go check it out.
We ate lunch at the Katy Trail Side Cafe and Bike Shop. Their was a cook and “the new girl” running the place as much of the staff simple did not show up for work that day. The cook was clearly stressed, but made a great cheeseburger. There is a variety of menu items including sweet potato fries which taste great.


Along the way we found this weird little house, which Todd Phillips commented on facebook was “about to get a lot weirder.” Turns out it is a storage shed for explosives during the railroad construction.
Not long after that we came across the famously old tree. It is on the left and looks little in this photo due to the tree on the right being much closer.
Here it is with my bike.
There was a plaque on the right telling info about the tree at one time in history. It has been vandalized while the tree has not, I guess that shows some restraint on the part of the vandals and somehow I’ve failed to be impressed.


That night we stayed at the Wamsley’s, a Redeemer family before moving. Gina and Collin opened their home to us with brats and beer. The picture above is Tony on the PC which he explained on facebook he was checking the weather. My crackberry alerted me to his defense so I asked immediately how the weather looked, “ahhh.” To be fair I’d been posting a few photos of him on facebook on his phone that presented him as anti-social, those photos are at the end here as well.

Day Three: A Tale of Two Bikers – 60 miles


A giant boulder. There was a big black snake on it that I was hoping to throw on Tomi, alas as soon as I messed with him he went under the giant boulder.


Bob arriving in Portland


Rhineland. While things went well in the morning Rhineland was 20 miles into our 60 mile day and from here their are two tales to be told. Again I’ll only tell you mine because it is the true one.


Bob had been riding with only a right handed glove due to the Sunday departure time issue. When we stopped in Rhineland by God’s providence I found a left handed adult mountain bike glove. We all rejoiced. Bob fixed his brake with a beer can and pocket knife. Upon leaving Rhineland it all began. Tony and I had been riding ahead up to this point and then stopping every five miles for Bob and Tomi to catch up. However as Tony and I left Rhineland on the trail, Bob and Tomi decided it would be easier to take highway 94 which is paved and smooth. Great plan except we didn’t know what they were doing or where they were going and whether we should continue to wait for them or go. We went. We went because we all discussed the storm that was blowing in and the need to get to Augusta quick.


We had hoped to get food in Treloar at a Bar and Grill. It was closed and so we shook the dust from our sandals and moved on to Peers. Along the way we could see a storm blowing from the south and texted Bob and Tomi to alert them far behind us.


We arrived at Peers Grocery store just as the storm was about to hit. The girl working let us bring our bikes in the back of the store to avoid the rain (picture from after storm). We ordered a pizza and sat down to wait out the storm.


Inside of Peers


So as the storm hits we are waiting for our pizza, Tomi text Tony saying, Please call for help we are trapped under a building. We don’t know where they are or what trapped means, but he was able to get out a text. Tony replies, We are still waiting for our pizza. Turns out they sought shelter under the River View Boat Club which is built on stilts. One little decision to take the road instead of the trail left us warm, dry and enjoy pizza while talking to a local. It left them under a building in lightning, rain and hail while still looking for food. The storm let up and we went on.


This is the Peers mailboxes. I just thought they were artsy looking.


Tony and I final finish the 60 miles. Less than 5 hours (Tony finished 10 minutes before me). Here is the hill leading up into Augusta. It gets bigger after that first hump too.


Tony and I get to the H.S. Clay B&B, clean up and hop into the hot tub. A little over 2 hours later Tomi and Bob arrive via the Alternative Katy Trail (country roads). Since then the debate of who abandoned who has continued. The place was wonderful, the owners Allan and Lee have run it for almost 20 years, he is a european trained chief. Their was a couple staying their from Illinois we got to know during breakfast. Without a doubt it was a little too girlie for 4 fat men to be staying at, but I would recommend it to any Katy Trail riders (or highway riders) as well as to bring your wife to anytime.


My bathroom


My bedroom


Bob’s room


Tomi’s Room


Tony’s room




Man Room


More Man Room


Bob and Tony laughing about what all boys laugh about.


For dinner we went to the local brewery, not the best food buy ok. We enjoyed great fellowship and went home to our girlie rooms to sleep.

Day Four: Slow Ride – 0 miles

Day four Debbie and the Ardiles kids came to get Bob, Tomi and I to return to Kansas City. Tony rode on 26 miles to St. Charles and jumped in the truck with Chip Prins to move them back to Redeemer. We stopped at Montelle Winery for lunch. Very good and then a long drive home.
We never did agree on who abandoned who. However it was a great time of fellowship and taking in God’s beautiful creation. I look forward to doing it again in the future.


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2 responses to “Fatboy Katy Trail Ride

  1. Woody Woodward

    Wow! What a trip! I am so envious but also overjoyed that no one broke or lost anything but the big bad debate on who abandoned whom? I would like to have the picture of you and Tomi sharing the same bed! What a HOOT! Did Tomi’s wall of 6 pillows allow you to get any sleep? Seriously, it was an exciting trip beyond words and following you all on ever leg will be an exciting “preaching experience” that we are all waiting to hear!

  2. There really isn’t a legitimate debate on abandonment…we were on a “KATY TRAIL” ride, not a Highway 94 ride. Whoever left the trail thus abandoned the ride.

    That pizza was mighty warm and tasty!!

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