“BBS” (VBS week!!)

Yay! What a fun week every year, but this year’s is even more fun for the Houghs cause Beckham is old enough to attend! He’s had a great time, except the “Pharaoh incident.” They were telling the story with a “real” Pharaoh and the kids were Moses asking to be let go and Becks had to be taken out crying. He told me, “Pharaoh won’t let us go! He said no!” Apparently a few of the other 3 year olds thought it was a little too real too, so at least it wasn’t just him (although that would not have surprised me either!) cause they all went in to the hall when Pharaoh came back in for the closing ceremony. So Brian and I tag-teamed explaining to him that THIS Pharaoh isn’t real (although being careful to explain that the story really happened…it was a challenge!), but that regardless God is stronger. Whew. We’ll see how he does tomorrow when he learns about the 10th plague! 🙂 Brian did take him to meet the guy who played Pharaoh afterwards when he wasn’t costumed up (he goes to the other church we are doing VBS with). On the way home Becks told me, “Pharaoh took off his collar and I like him now, he is my friend. But if he puts the collar back on, I will cry again.”



The youth have been amazing this week! This is Becks and Jacob!

(Todd and Ashley, check out his shoes. They are still a little big, but he was ok with that!)



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2 responses to ““BBS” (VBS week!!)

  1. Woody Woodward

    I did some work at the church last evening and saw that Rick was busy getting ready for the big events. Then I stopped by the “Woody’s Roundup” area to pick up a bunch of Blessed Beanie Baby treasures. I was impressed on how organized things were for the sign up! Have a blessed week and may each child know that they are loved by the ONE that loves them best. Good work Brian!

  2. Ashley

    He looks so cute in his shoes…what a cool little dude!

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