Life before kids

We will get mocked for doing this, but it was so fun! Living in Dallas (pre-kids) Brian saw advertised that Petco was searching for the “World’s Fastest Chihuahua” and they were coming to the park right by where we lived, so we signed Tiny up (cause he’s really fast and all!)!


One owner puts them in these box things which weirds them out to start with, and then the other person stands by the finish line (all of 30 feet away) coaxing them to come.


Then the fun part! 8 Chihuahua’s running around! None towards the finish line…and I’m serious when I say none! Tiny advanced to stage 2, but then the non-real Chihuahuas beat him out! Here are a few of the funniest dogs!





Why are dogs in goggles so funny? It was so worth it!

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  1. Woody Woodward

    What? No Tony comments? Don’t let us down Mr. T!

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