It’s Texas hot here…what’s up with that??

It’s supposed to feel like 110 today. That’s ridiculous. So we went to the mall to walk since even at 9 it’s 90 and humid outside. I guess someone forgot to tell Becks we were inside. I didn’t realize he had them on until about 20 min. in.


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One response to “It’s Texas hot here…what’s up with that??

  1. Woody Woodward

    Can you imagine not having air conditioning these days? I remember living in the Oklahoma heat and I was 9 before we got our first, now very antique, “water cooler.” Now there was a trip! These huge, humidity producing boxes that weighed a ton, ran an outside water hose into the back of the unit on to the blower motor. Then the water was sprayed on to a huge fan and you got hot mist. The machine was so loud you couldn’t hear TV! But dad thought it was great relief and mom gripped even more because of the humidity! And my brother and I used to sign into it. How about it Brian, ever let the kids sing into a spinning fan! Pretty fun thing to do on these hot days.

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