Laredo Mission Trip

Each year Redeemer sends a mission team to the border for a week of short term missions. This is Brian’s third year to go, and he decided a road trip was in order! So some of the team drive down to Laredo, but made a ton of fun stops along the way. In the van they drove 2458 miles going to Dallas, Galveston, Houston, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Austin and Laredo. Here’s a few of the highlights, and there’s more on the youth blog.

Here’s his most recent head injury!


They stayed in McKinney with two of our youth’s uncle. He stinkin’ owns one of the bikes Lance Armstrong rode in his 6th Tour de France.


And fun segways!


And airplanes…they took Brian up for a ride (this is Rick in the picture though)


View of McKinney from plane


And there’s always Wiffle Ball


The team


They mostly did construction on a church there



The on way home stopped at Barton Springs. Brian thinks it’s normal to open your eyes in the water…no matter what kind. It makes his eyes bloodshot every time. Poor eyes. But look how well his head healed in just 11 days!


And it wouldn’t be a trip to Texas without a stop at the Dr Pepper museum. Brian still wishes it was doctor’s orders to drink one at 10, 2 and 4! Oh, me too!




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2 responses to “Laredo Mission Trip

  1. Woody Woodward

    Great pics! But how did Brian bumb out his head? That looks like a pretty deep cut and should have had some stitches.

  2. Woody Woodward

    Dear Brother Brian, what a fabulous sermon you brought this past Lord’s Day! Your passion is contagious and your presentation, though simple, was profoundly appropriate for our times.

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