Deanna Rose with Mimi

My mom came up to get the kids this week and spent the day with us! Of course Becks wanted to take her to the petting zoo, our favorite place! So fun!DSCN0164.JPG

Sadie Piper was sticking her whole face in the wires


Watching the cow be milked!
Sadie wanted to feed the baby goats, Becks did not….
Until Sadie had the bottle. Then he wanted one too…
Then he didn’t want to anymore after he realized they try to take it!


Sadie still has no fear of the goats. She’d feed all the food and then come up and ask for “moe.”

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One response to “Deanna Rose with Mimi

  1. Woody Woodward

    Hey Brian, I have to agree with Becks, the rapidly expanding Deana Rose zoo is the best kept secret in all of KC! And it’s FREE! When our daughter was here last week, with our two grandkids from Lapaz Bolivia, she came away saying, “Dad, this is the most unique and cool places we have ever been too.” They stayed all day long and had a blast! That pic of Becks and Sadie feeding the baby goats was a beauty! Cheri and I are taking another two grandkids next Wednesday! I can’t wait to help Brady catch a fish!

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