RiverRanch 2009

We are at RiverRanch this week with the youth and it’s been a great time! We have to go home tomorrow and back to normal life, but it’s been a great week! Here are some highlights!

This wasn’t even part of the reply races, she was just a good sport!


Brian throwing the frisbee as far as he can (that was NOT the object of the game, it was precision, but he didn’t seem to care), not sure why he’s still holding onto the Wiffle Ball bat though.

The Turtle Hunters. That’s all they do on the canoeing part is catch turtles. Before today’s trip they are at 34 turtles caught. It’s a little bit of an obsession.
This is the cutest one!
And there’s always a game of Wiffle Ball going on during free time!
Washing off in the river after the relay race

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One response to “RiverRanch 2009

  1. Woody Woodward

    Brother Brian, is this the same place we had our men’s retreat? And instead of catching a bunch stupid, destructive fish eating turtles, didn’t you have any “fisher’s among men?”
    Hope you killed the turtles! They can clean a lake of fish in one season.

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