Who Is Our Cool Friend?

Brian had a shirt in college that said “Stop Plate Tectonics” and it got a lot of comments! It was hilarious especially in college cause we were fresh off of learning about it! He even had offers (from geology majors) to buy it from him. We aren’t sure where that shirt went (or honestly where he even got it from to begin with!), but it doesn’t matter anymore, cause we have a really fun friend who send us another one from Cafe Press. But not just a replacement for Brian, but one for me and baby Hough too! How fun! But…we aren’t sure who they are from cause it didn’t say anywhere in the package. I need to know who to thank…

It was perfect for Funny Tshirt day at River Ranch!

200907242000.jpg 200907242001.jpg

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One response to “Who Is Our Cool Friend?

  1. Woody Woodward

    I never heard of a techtonic before. Sounds like something men used to put on their hair to keep it in place?

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