Sadie Piper’s big girl room

This has become our favorite room in this house! It turned out super cute (probably cause I saw Karyn’s nursery, thought it was adorable and copied it…thanks Karyn, and Angela!)! It’s not totally ready yet, but here’s what we do have done.






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5 responses to “Sadie Piper’s big girl room

  1. Cute! Is she sleeping in a toddler bed or regular bed now?

  2. karyn

    VERY CUTE! You guys did good!!!

  3. Tonight will be the switch to her bed…queen! But just b/c we already had one, so it was free to us! We put up the railing and will see how it goes tonight…

  4. Woody Woodward

    Big smile for a big girl! What a ham!

  5. Mary Kathryn

    So cute Laura! Does she love it? I love the colors. You did an incredible joy. We’re ready for small group to start back up. We miss seeing you!

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