It was worth a try…

We decided to move Sadie into her new room last night. Sundays are long for the little girl and when we got home after 9 from the cookout she was already out. Figured we at least knew she’d fall asleep in her new bed! She did great, crashed right away! It was all fine until 6:30 this morning when we heard the thud. Poor thing fell off the foot of the bed. Apparently she’s a roller.


So, plan B is a toddler bed! Much better:





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4 responses to “It was worth a try…

  1. Reese rolls all over the bed too. We have him on a full size mattress on the floor of his room. I still haven’t figured out how to get him to stay on the bed to go to sleep for his naps though. Even with me right there, he tries to get off the bed.

  2. Woody Woodward

    Wow, hope that didn’t leave a mark?

  3. Kasey, he’s not in his crib anymore? Why did you move him out already?

  4. Reese has never slept in his crib. He was in a bassinet by our bed at first, then a Pack n Play in our room, and then we co-slept for 8 months. So, it’s a wonderful thing to have him in his room at last!

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