Road Trip Sites


Laura and I saw this sign while coming home from Texas. This is apparently the church Jesus would go to.


This is TBN: The Trinity Broadcasting Network. Creepy “Christian” Television Network. I once heard them say on TV if you “sowed” (gave money) into their ministry God would answer your prayer, but only the prayers that were with sowing money. They did offer to write down the prayer for you on the phone and put it in a statue that is on the back portion of this property. This is Highway 183 in Irving, TX.


Here is a straight on view


Here is the real Whitehouse on Pennsylvania Ave.


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One response to “Road Trip Sites

  1. Woody Woodward

    That’s amazing! What is the “world” are the cult-based Crouch’s trying to portray? I am always amused at the fleshy state of “word of faith” preachers. They just have to have their picture up on their entertaining signs, inviting the ignorant to “come and get” but give before you get.

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