Water Bottle Snob


Brian pointed it out, and I have to admit he’s right: I’m a water bottle snob. But just in that I need my Camelback now to drink water. My original pink one broke earlier this week (the one that goes EVERYWHERE with me) and I didn’t drink water for two days cause I wasn’t quite sure how to drink water without it. Sounds dumb, but I like being able to take it everywhere, fill it up way less often than I would a cup and I like the straw feature. I was hesitant to have to spend the money on a new one until I realized I’d used it everyday for over a year now: not bad for $12! Brian picked me up a new one today (and the price has gone up to $15 by they way, but still not a deterrent!) and even though they didn’t have a pink one, this one is still girly, so I like it. We’ve already bonded and it will make a wonderful replacement!


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  1. Woody Woodward

    Being the fact that I’m from Okie county, I just stick my head under the faucet. Aint’ dhat da way you is posed to do it?

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