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A Fun Saturday!

Brian was super sweet this morning and got up instead of me when Sadie Piper was yelling “Mommmy!! Mommmmy!!” from bed. Apparently this is what they do first thing in the morning!

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Then a trip to Costco…and rides on a huge pony! It was really cool and surprisingly only $64, but really, that would get about a day’s worth of use.



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Up from nap with her doll. Usually the blanket comes downstairs too. This is the best time to cuddle with her cause she’ll sit still for more than 30 seconds.


Might have finally gotten Berkley to take a pacifier. Might be regretting this in 6 months, but I’ll deal with that later!


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New Fall Jammies Day!!



Thanks Vicki!!!

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Fun times with Baby Berkley

Sadie Piper is always concerned about the baby. She’s very intrigued. She does do a good job of always reminding me to load up the baby into the car too (no, I’ve never forgotten Berkley!), but when I put the big kids in first, she yells “Beebee!! Beebee!”



This is Beckham sooo upset that Berkley pooped on his stool (it was after her bath!)! His reaction was priceless, I’ve never seen anyone so grossed out! That is disgusting though!



I think Becks is an animal in this pic. Everyone loves the bouncy seat!


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“Greengo” Bake


Tried this recipe a few weeks ago and it’s a new Hough favorite! I like it cause it’s easy, Brian just likes it cause it’s yummy!

4 1/2 c shredded, cooked chicken (I use half a rotisserie, close enough!)

2 cans green enchilada sauce

10 oz sour cream

6 or 7 corn tortillas, torn into 2 inch-ish pieces

4 cups cheddar jack cheese

In a greased 9×13, layer half of the chicken, one can of enchilada sauce, half of the sour cream, half of the tortillas, and 2 cups cheese. Repeat layers. Bake covered at 375 for 40 min. Uncover and bake another 5-10. Let it set 5 min. before serving.

The lame name (ie: the one it came with) was Chicken Enchilada Bake, but those never stick around here.

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Hough pics: this week

After wrestling, somehow they all ended up on the floor reading a book


Still working on that posed smile


Sadie Piper went over to Berkley to cuddle, and took her blanket to cover them both up


Then Beckham showed up and “read” them both a book!





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KC Cup Cyclocross Race

Cyclocross - 02

A while back I watched a video of cyclocross on the internet and decided I had to try it out. Saturday morning we loaded up the whole family, stopped by Bob Albright’s bike shop and headed down to Swope Park so I could do just that. I’ve never felt so out of place in my life. Cyclist and nice cyclocross bikes every place I looked. Cyclocross bikes are like road bikes with skinny mud tires on them. These guys were skinny and I am fat. These guys wore spandex and I wore a soccer jersey with baggy shorts. These guys had cyclocross bikes and I had a mountain bike. There was a cycling culture and I felt like Kanye West at the CMT Awards.

The race is a 2 mile loop that we went around 4 times. It is made up of asphalt, gravel road, dirt single track, a little mud, hills, logs you have to go over, lots of back and forth around sharp turns and two foot tall barriers that require riders to jump off their bikes and carry them over before getting on the bike again. There are various categories and races that take place, I was in the beginner group, Cat 4. (click on link for more photos and the rest of the story)

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Saturday at Noon at Swope Park I plan to race in a beginners Cyclocross race. Here is a look at what a race is a bit like.

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