Fun times with Baby Berkley

Sadie Piper is always concerned about the baby. She’s very intrigued. She does do a good job of always reminding me to load up the baby into the car too (no, I’ve never forgotten Berkley!), but when I put the big kids in first, she yells “Beebee!! Beebee!”



This is Beckham sooo upset that Berkley pooped on his stool (it was after her bath!)! His reaction was priceless, I’ve never seen anyone so grossed out! That is disgusting though!



I think Becks is an animal in this pic. Everyone loves the bouncy seat!


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One response to “Fun times with Baby Berkley

  1. Woody Woodward

    Looks like Piper was about to have a major OWee! She was just barely standing on that 3 legged stool. I laughed out loud looking at Beck’s sad frown!

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