A Fun Saturday!

Brian was super sweet this morning and got up instead of me when Sadie Piper was yelling “Mommmy!! Mommmmy!!” from bed. Apparently this is what they do first thing in the morning!

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00339.jpg

Then a trip to Costco…and rides on a huge pony! It was really cool and surprisingly only $64, but really, that would get about a day’s worth of use.



_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00344.jpg

Up from nap with her doll. Usually the blanket comes downstairs too. This is the best time to cuddle with her cause she’ll sit still for more than 30 seconds.


Might have finally gotten Berkley to take a pacifier. Might be regretting this in 6 months, but I’ll deal with that later!


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  1. Woody Woodward

    That’s some horse! We have an actual 5 foot very rare Carousel, mint condition horse in our basement. It has all kinds of gems around it. Skyler calls it “Sheriff” Matthew calls him “Jewels” and Sammy calls him “HE HAW”. We have great pics of each grandchild as they climb aboard, and make that happy ride to fun of imagination.

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