Interesting Church Mailer

I get stuff at church about local church events all the time. I found this one interesting.

Mailer says the cost of coming is $5 then, “We are bringing Youth Groups together for an awesome worship & music experience. But more than anything, this is an opportunity for our students to stop before the hectic pace of the holidays and to come together, be still, and breathe in the Spirit of God.”

They ask everyone to bring gloves or socks (no explanation why)

Then “We’re giving away door prizes; PS3, iPod Nano, Movie Tickets and more!”

So the goal is get away from the hectic holidays and focus on Worship of God, but we’re giving away a PS3, iPod, Movie Tickets and more? How will students not be focused on trying to win one of the prizes? Will they not be disappointed when they don’t? Will this enhance their focus on worshiping God or their love of stuff that is so well connected to the Holidays? I simply cannot help, but wonder if it would not have been better to drop the cover charge and not have door prizes to better accomplish the stated goal.


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3 responses to “Interesting Church Mailer

  1. Woody Woodward

    Come on Brian, where’s your since of liberal generosity, after all aren’t we suppose to entertain and then make the kids feel good by a warm and fuzzy happening? We don’t want to put too much emphasis on worship, that might offend someone, nor do we want to over emphasize the Bible, that far too confusing for impressionable minds. Let’s not challenge their young minds or make them think, let’s just entertain them with games and fun.

  2. Woody Woodward

    Hey Brian, I saw an interesting church sign going home last Friday that I thought we might talk Tony into doing. At 127 and Antioch, there sits St Thomas Episcopal. They had a big sign out stating that Sunday was Communion, and another announcing “Bring your animals Sunday to be blessed.” I think you should talk Tony into blessing our dogs! What do you think?

  3. I heard you got another interesting piece of mail from a church the other day…

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