Adventures of SP

When we had Sadie Piper we thought she’d be a girl version of Beckham. We had heard from other parents that each kid is so different, but Becks was all we knew, so we just assumed they would at least be close in personality. They were right, we were wrong. They share very few personality traits. Becks loves to follow all rules and will often rat himself out when he disobeys. Sadie Piper assumes rules were made to be broken, so she does. Beckham will ask before touching anything but toys. Sadie Piper will grab anything within her reach (including her reach with her stool!). Here’s one example: This is after she opened the drawer and took everything out. After I corrected her and had her clean that up, she again got into the drawer, opened up the cardamom and sprinkled it on all the other spices. She’s quick and sneaky.


We are excited to see who Berkley grows into!



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2 responses to “Adventures of SP

  1. ashley

    her shoes look so cute!

  2. Woody Woodward

    I hope that’s not your regular spice drawer? And just think, my Cheri alpabetizes all can goods. Of course the labels all got to be exposed, but I will Never forget our first big argument. In helping to put the can goods away, I created the breach of etiquite that still rings loud through the halls of the Woodward Manor! Of all things, I was guilty of placing the green bean cans in with regular beans, instead of going green, I got beaned!

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