How bedtime turned into dance time…

Sadie Piper says “noo” like this every time we read this book. Becks just piped in for the cameras!


This is typical for Sadie Piper, about to crash.


“Don’t worry about me, guys, I’m ok!”


And off she goes again…


Almost have the summersaults down…almost…ok, this is actually as far as they get.




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2 responses to “How bedtime turned into dance time…

  1. maggie

    Brian – I am somewhat glad you don’t know all the words to the MC song.
    Maggie “Noddin’ my head like yeah” Dean

  2. Woody Woodward

    My all time favorite fun bedtime book for my kids, now my grandkids, is the Bernstein Bears “B” book.
    “Big bull, beautiful baboon, blowing bubbles, bicking backward, bumped into black bugs banana boxes and brother Bob’s baseball buss…. There was an A and C book but B book rules!

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