The Chair Schism

Pope Brian III argues that since I’m in the kitchen a lot, if he wants to hang out with me we need to put a chair in there. Bishop Laura thinks that’s a valid point, but would like said chair to be at least a little…well, tasteful. Pope Brian insists it must be massive (that’s my commentary) because “that makes it home-y.” To try to prove my point that a big chair just won’t work in our kitchen I brought Sadie’s reading chair into the kitchen this morning. Let’s just say that backfired on me. Brian loved it:


Add Berkley:


And of course if anyone else is doing something, Sadie Piper is in too (who brought her own chair, see isn’t that size better?):


And don’t leave Beckham and stool out:


Ahhh, forget about everyone needing their own chair, chair #1 is massive enough for EVERYONE!


So now I think I’m on the lookout for a kitchen chair…



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3 responses to “The Chair Schism

  1. Reepicheep

    Well, it’s definitely Brian’s color.

  2. thedeinesfamily

    Hilarious! How about a recliner in the kitchen?

  3. Woody Woodward

    That is quite the chair. And the lineup of all the saint, excluding the profoundly important Bishop Laura, was quite impressive. And just think, I thought pink wasn’t true to Brian’s colors about a good ole’ fashioned Chick Flick.

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