Kansas City Chiefs, Texas Helmets? :-)


We’ve grown able to support the Royals although their season is over when April ends, We’ve really grown to like the Kansas City Wizards, but we’ve never supported the Chiefs until today. Why you ask? They have throw back uniforms with the shape of Texas on the helmets. This is because they were originally the Dallas Texans. before moving to Kansas City. Turns out these uniforms are the alternate uniforms this year. Go Chiefs! Go Texans! Yes, now I can support two teams with Texas connections that never win. Plus the Aggies who are not so good and FC Dallas who stinks and the Astros who are horrible. No wonder people not from New York City claim the Yankees, buying championships is just easier than waiting for your team to earn one, just ask a Cubs fan.



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One response to “Kansas City Chiefs, Texas Helmets? :-)

  1. Woody Woodward

    So I would deduct from this thoughtful presupposition that the number 00, on each outfit signifies the feelings towards our losing team this year?

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