Great Original Song From Wedding at Redeemer

Brett and Sarah, two teachers at Westminster Christian Academy were married at Redeemer this past Saturday. The ceremony was great, perhaps we’ll put that video up later. However, this is a video of a song Sarah wrote and sang to Brett during the ceremony. Hope you enjoy.



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3 responses to “Great Original Song From Wedding at Redeemer

  1. thedeinesfamily

    I’m crying and I don’t even know these people. That’s such a sweet song!

  2. Woody Woodward

    I know Pastor Tony don’t get real emotional and all teared up. I wasn’t there, but just listening to this heart filled song brought tears to my eyes. May the Lord bless this union and grant them both great favor as they learn to blend and bend, becoming one in Christ Jesus. PS. According to Pastor T.’s comments, someone desecrated the original post, that of Tony and his Yanks? I would assume that our Brother Brian is much for tear sobbing Chick Flicks.

  3. I love this & it totally speaks to my heart right now! What a sweet song & I too was crying during half of it… what a joy! Hope you’re well Laura

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