It doesn’t get much more Kansas than a Corn Maze

We took the youth to a corn maze on Friday. I’d never even heard of this before last week. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a field of corn with a maze plowed out. It looks like this from the sky

But it really looks like this
We took Becks with us so he could be a good Kansan too. He was a little concerned at first cause Brian told him not to be scared if someone jumped out of the corn at us. 🙂

Then after walking a lot, he needed a lift. Dads make good ones. I took picture # 1 and Becks blinked.
“Becks, you blinked, let me take another one” Picture #2:
“Becks you blinked again” So this is what I got with picture #3:
I deserved that. I gave up on capturing that Daddy-Son moment!
This one works too:


More pictures after the link






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One response to “It doesn’t get much more Kansas than a Corn Maze

  1. Woody Woodward

    That does look very fun! Never been to one but I bet the kids had a ball! Especially Brian and Laura.

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