About The Hough’s

This is our digital scrapbook documenting the life God has placed us in. It is for our friends and family to see what Brian, Laura, Beckham and Sadie Piper have been up to. One great thing about doing this is it reminds us of the fun things we’ve done and the wonderful life God has given us in this strange new country (as Texans it is a new country and not a new state). We’d love to hear your comments from time to time.


6 responses to “About The Hough’s

  1. Cooper

    We love reading about the Houghs. Good job Brian on the new blog site. I’m assuming you did it, but Laura if you helped good job to you too. Ya’ll are no doubt, 100% our favorite people that live in Kansas!

  2. fathead

    was bored and thought about you. did a quick search on your name… and here you are. domesticated in all your glory.
    well done laura, i know it was a challenge! beautiful family.
    i miss you man. you guys ever listen to enough piper and maybe we’ll all be neighbors here some day. i could only dream… or dread maybe!
    love you dude.

  3. fathead

    me again-
    just read some more on this site and discovered hough has been ordained? what the heck(edited)… is this a real church?
    sorry man. it had to be said. i know i’m a missionary but even piper and driscoll believe in the necessity of strong language now and then.
    so, again: what in tar nation (edited) is hough doing getting all ordained and everything. was this an online certificate from the bingist monks? i want one.
    out- fathead

  4. fathead

    i’m just writing now to see what i’ve written appear on your page. cool.

  5. fathead

    last time now.

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