Becks? What are you wearing?


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Pork Tacos


Maggie introduced me to Picky Palate. This was the first thing I made and they were SO great! Click here for her recipe. I made the rice too, it was just ok, not a redo, but the tacos and salsa are keepers for sure! It was a lot of prep, but I think now that I’ve done it once it will be easier. I found the flatbread at Costco.

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SP’s cool new kicks

Aunt Ashley made Sadie Piper these super cute shoes! She wears them all the time and gets comments on them every time! Thanks Ashley!!!


I told Sadie I was going to take a picture of her shoes, so here she is “helping”




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Sadie Piper’s dance move

So I know there have been a lot of dance videos lately, but they crack us up (I only have one more to post after this one)! Sadie will start dancing in the kitchen and point to the ipod and want some music! Here’s just a clip that we laughed so hard at! She’s got some moves!

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Berkley Anastasia Hough’s Baptism

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One more for Weird Thursday pictures…


<—-El Paso El Cruncho ——->

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Our Thursday in pictures…

I was feeding Berkley this morning and Sadie Piper started telling me “beebee” and pointing upstairs. She wanted to get her baby from her bed. She got her, came back down and sat with her doll to feee her, “beebee drink, beebee milk.” It was all the Hough girls together!



And Berkley was pretty happy about it!


Then we ran some errands. I love it when there’s a parking spot for families with infants. Check out this person’s parking job. Oh well, we can walk, but still!



Then driving we saw this minivan:



It was seriously LOADED with junk. The entire thing was packed, but you couldn’t see in the pictures through the tinted windows in the back, so you’ll have to take our word for it. In the front seat alone there was a weed eater and a lot of trash. It was weird.

Stopped and got some “nummies”


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