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The Chair Schism

Pope Brian III argues that since I’m in the kitchen a lot, if he wants to hang out with me we need to put a chair in there. Bishop Laura thinks that’s a valid point, but would like said chair to be at least a little…well, tasteful. Pope Brian insists it must be massive (that’s my commentary) because “that makes it home-y.” To try to prove my point that a big chair just won’t work in our kitchen I brought Sadie’s reading chair into the kitchen this morning. Let’s just say that backfired on me. Brian loved it:


Add Berkley:


And of course if anyone else is doing something, Sadie Piper is in too (who brought her own chair, see isn’t that size better?):


And don’t leave Beckham and stool out:


Ahhh, forget about everyone needing their own chair, chair #1 is massive enough for EVERYONE!


So now I think I’m on the lookout for a kitchen chair…



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Morning with Dad

Sadie Piper loves to imitate. Her favorite person to imitate is Becks (whether he’s running funny, making noises or dancing), but he wasn’t awake yet this morning and Brian was stretching to go ride his bike and Sadie had to too. Then they both had a “swoopie” (Beckham’s name for smoothies).




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Laura and Sadie Piper visit Texas

This weekend SP and I went to see my friend Lara, her husband Jared and their very cute baby Landry. We had a great time and by the end of the trip, the girls were fighting like sisters…which I think was a good sign they had fun too!


Some highlights of the trip:

The girls both crying cause they were afraid of the pool. But how cute are they in their swim suits?!


Matching jammies!


Becks and Brian had Boy Time. Lots of firsts for Beckham—ice cream float (one of the first things I heard about when he picked us up)


First 3D movie…they saw UP.

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00118.jpg

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Happy Birthday week to Brian!

We concluded his week at the Ardiles for a Peruvian dinner. It was yummers! They served Brian from a serving platter instead of a plate (he really likes Peruvian food and I think they got tired of passing him seconds…and thirds). They succeeded in filling him up before he finished it all. Tomi was so proud! We are truly sad they are leaving…

Here’s Brian pre-dinner

May 2009 - 07

And post-dinner. Tyler did a little better on portion control it looks like!

May 2009 - 13

And cake time! Their boys crack us up!

May 2009 - 22

May 2009 - 23

This pic looks like Tomi’s wearing a jean skirt.

May 2009 - 10

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Hair Various Hair


Tony recently posted a picture of my far superior chin beard as it looked my freshman year in college. He also confessed that one of his children saw my long hair in the photo and observed that I look liked like a girl, can’t argue with that. Anyway in my stack of old photos are various stages of my hair of the years so I thought I’d put them all together here. Follow the link to see the various hair styles.

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