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The Chair Schism

Pope Brian III argues that since I’m in the kitchen a lot, if he wants to hang out with me we need to put a chair in there. Bishop Laura thinks that’s a valid point, but would like said chair to be at least a little…well, tasteful. Pope Brian insists it must be massive (that’s my commentary) because “that makes it home-y.” To try to prove my point that a big chair just won’t work in our kitchen I brought Sadie’s reading chair into the kitchen this morning. Let’s just say that backfired on me. Brian loved it:


Add Berkley:


And of course if anyone else is doing something, Sadie Piper is in too (who brought her own chair, see isn’t that size better?):


And don’t leave Beckham and stool out:


Ahhh, forget about everyone needing their own chair, chair #1 is massive enough for EVERYONE!


So now I think I’m on the lookout for a kitchen chair…



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One more for Weird Thursday pictures…


<—-El Paso El Cruncho ——->

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Wisdom in the mud

John 17:16 They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.

We had a Muck Fest with the youth this summer, and the next day in Sunday School Pastor Tony’s latest sermon (at the time) came up and Hat said, “It’s like: I was in the mud, but not of the mud.” She busts out with something unconventional but totally right on somedays and this one has stuck with me! I thought it was a great analogy!!


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Water Bottle Snob


Brian pointed it out, and I have to admit he’s right: I’m a water bottle snob. But just in that I need my Camelback now to drink water. My original pink one broke earlier this week (the one that goes EVERYWHERE with me) and I didn’t drink water for two days cause I wasn’t quite sure how to drink water without it. Sounds dumb, but I like being able to take it everywhere, fill it up way less often than I would a cup and I like the straw feature. I was hesitant to have to spend the money on a new one until I realized I’d used it everyday for over a year now: not bad for $12! Brian picked me up a new one today (and the price has gone up to $15 by they way, but still not a deterrent!) and even though they didn’t have a pink one, this one is still girly, so I like it. We’ve already bonded and it will make a wonderful replacement!

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Random pics


This is why someone got paid a lot when they came up with DVD players in cars:


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Life before kids

We will get mocked for doing this, but it was so fun! Living in Dallas (pre-kids) Brian saw advertised that Petco was searching for the “World’s Fastest Chihuahua” and they were coming to the park right by where we lived, so we signed Tiny up (cause he’s really fast and all!)!


One owner puts them in these box things which weirds them out to start with, and then the other person stands by the finish line (all of 30 feet away) coaxing them to come.


Then the fun part! 8 Chihuahua’s running around! None towards the finish line…and I’m serious when I say none! Tiny advanced to stage 2, but then the non-real Chihuahuas beat him out! Here are a few of the funniest dogs!





Why are dogs in goggles so funny? It was so worth it!

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Our week as the Reymoughs


SP and Brookie matched for church



And we took Beckham to his very first movie! He had a blast and watched the entire thing!


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